Make Northwest ISD's #1toWorldPromise!

What am I promising when I make the #1toWorldPromise?

By making the #1toWorldPromise, I promise that I understand the impact of my online actions. Above all I will constantly strive to be an ethical online user and digital citizen. This includes promising to:

  • Be an upstander, not a bystander, especially where trolling and cyber-bullying are concerned.

  • Share carefully and thoughtfully online and on social media.

  • Create a positive digital reputation and be aware of my online identity because I know it will impact my safety and my future.

  • Follow copyright laws and protect intellectual property.

  • Be aware, avoid, and report phishing, scams, or cyber attacks.

  • Protect my personal information, being careful about what I post or share online.


How can I make the #1toWorldPromise?

  • Teachers: Utilize your requested poster (requested in Verification Form), have students sign, and proudly display it in your classroom. Lastly, share your promise on Twitter using #1toWorldPromise or with parents through email. (Note: Some campuses choose to make this a larger part of their culture by creating a campus-wide banner for students to sign. Discuss this option with your campus leadership.)

  • Students: To make the #1toWorldPromise, complete the form available at After reflecting and signing the pledge, you will be sent a digital badge and certificate to display on your ePortfolio, digital resume, and/or email signature.

  • Parents: Make the #1toWorldPromise as a family by using the Digital Citizenship Family Hub! This resource provides conversation starters, family challenges, and helpful family tips.


Reach out to your child's teacher or your Instructional Technologist for more Information.

*NOTE: Teachers must VERIFY completion of Digital Citizenship course through the appropriate Canvas Page.