Northwest ISD's Digital Citizenship Vision:

Northwest ISD will develop citizens who know how to harness the learning potential of digital media in a 24/7 connected world, safely, effectively, ethically, and respectfully. By developing and practicing these skills, students will become leaders in this digital society and be Future-Ready. 

As part of this curriculum, students are invited to take the #1toWorldPromise. By taking the promise, students are affirming their commitment to the values and actions in this course.

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Family Matters!  By knowing where to find resources and by facilitating critical conversations with your family, you can support Northwest ISD's vision of helping students remain safe and ethical while connected. In the Family Connections Hub you will find helpful tools and resources, like Common Sense Media

About the 1:World Digital Citizenship Course:

Northwest ISD hosts all their digital citizenship curriculum in Canvas. The courses are designed to facilitate conversations about digital citizenship throughout our Northwest ISD classrooms and  the community. Although only teachers enroll in the course, students and parents have guest access to the content of these courses and are invited to join the conversation both at home and through social media using #1toWorldPromise.


Standards Based-Learning:

This curriculum has been designed based on the current ISTE Standards, which aim that "students recognize the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical."


Federal Mandate Information: 

As a result of a federal mandate, school districts are required to certify their staff and students have learned about CyberSafety and Digital Citizenship.  This professional learning opportunity -- mandated by the federal government in its requirements for public school districts to receive eRate funding -- is to learn more about CyberSafety and Digital Citizenship.


Social-Emotional Learning Priority 

As a part of developing the whole child, Northwest ISD is committed to supporting students' social and emotional learning (SEL) by intentionally integrating these skills into both everyday interactions and academic curriculum. Look for NISD's SEL icons throughout our #1toWorldPromise curriculum to see the connections between SEL & Digital Citizenship.


Listen to NISD leaders share their why behind Digital Citizenship & SEL.
Digital Citizenship & SEL in NISD _2-20-2020.mp4